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We expect ourselves to do business right, to lead by example and to help out when we are needed. It is our company philosophy that drives our everyday decisions. It is good to be responsible, not just because It is the right thing to do, but because it also sets the bar for our company's commitment to ensure that the fishing communities in which we work and live continue to prosper.

our product line

Customized products to customers’ different tastes. Kati Farms’ flagship products on the market

SupaFish™ Fillets

Flesh of the fish, obtained by slicing the fish parallel to the spine. This yields more flesh hence easy to eat

SupaFish™ Cubes

Moist, flavorful, right-from-the-lake fresh fish pieces for making the best fish stews and kabobs.

SupaFish™ Sausages

Succulent alternative to the usual high-fat, high-calorie beef sausage. Lighter in flavor, perfect for grilling

SupaFish™ Heads

Either separated or still attached to the rest of the fish, are used in food dishes, or boiled for fish stock.

SupaFish™ Oil

Benefits Proven Beyond Medicine. We extract fish oil in its raw natural state hence extremely healthy

SupaFish™ Eggs

Well known for their brain-boosting nutrient, and also helps the body metabolize food.


SupaFish™ Samosas

Deep fried triangular shaped pastry filled with fish and spices. It is commonly made for afternoon tea.

SupaFish™ Baggias

Small finger-like strolls of compact fish with spices. Perfect of travel snacks

SupaFish™ Biscuits

Because we all know that fish biscuits have the power of love. It is one delicious recipe.

SupaFish™ Cookies

These simple-to-make fish patties are ideal as a family meal or as quick last-minute kids supper

SupaFish™ Powder

This high quality, enzymatically hydrolyzed fish protein is carefully produced under controlled conditions

SupaFish™ Farm Tilapia Snack

If you eat fish, you have probably already had Tilapia. We have it at its best, fresh and delicious

Blog & Media

We work with some of the most renown firms in the country and across boundaries to deliver the best fish products on the market.
Strategic Issue: Doing Business in Africa is Hard
lovin | 15 September
Chilling and transport infrastructure is also lacking, particularly challenging to market a perishable product made from fish. Most challenging is the lack
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Fish conference to focus on women, youth
lovin | 10 August
A number of studies about Uganda’s fisheries sector show positive trends in the export of fish and foreign exchange earnings. But it is a long road ahead
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Kati Farms: Key Success Factors
lovin | 08 July
Unlimited supply of main raw material. Kati Farms was lucky to have an abundance of raw materials. When Lovin started her business, nobody wanted to use
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